About Us

The Team behind “Emerald Press”…

…is just me, Robert, a 22-year-old, business administration student from Germany. I’m interested in potentially working in journalism after I get my degree. That’s why I started writing for the student newspaper at my university and will now publish articles for the Emerald Press.

What type of content can You expect?

I really don’t know. The idea is that I publish articles I wrote for the student newspaper, that I think would be interesting for a more general audience, in English. I’m interested in economics, politics, and history. So you could probably expect a weird mixture of those three topics.

Why is the website called “Emerald Press”?

As a child, growing up in a city in former East Germany, I was a huge fan of “The Wizard of the Emerald City”, basically the soviet version of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. I needed to find a name for this blog-project, and when the “Newspaper Name Generator” suggested “Emerald Press”, the name reminded me of the Emerald City. That’s how the name came to be.